Big changes, big goals

Yutan golf teams uses larger numbers to set new goals.

Senior Jude Elgert tees off to start the tournament in the 2022 season. This upcoming golf season we have to work on keeping our cool under any situation,” Elgert said. (Courtesy Photo)

After losing two key players, the 2023 Yutan golf team is taking advantage of their larger team to accomplish their goals. 

 “I believe that we currently have the deepest team we’ve ever had, so the upperclassmen are really working to take advantage of this opportunity and do some great things this season,” head coach Taylor Teeter said. 

Through the negative and positive changes that have occurred from last season to this season, one change sticks out to Teeter. 

“At the start of last season, only 7 of our 15 golfers had actually been in a competitive event, and this year 11 of our 14 have had some type of competitive experience,” Teeter said. “We’re able to start working on some next-level things and take another step forward as a program.” 

With a larger group of more experienced golfers, a common theme among all the players is the desire to make it to state.

“Personally I’d like to qualify for state myself,” junior Jack Edwards said. 

As well as making it to state each player has their own personal goals they’d like to achieve throughout the season. 

“I hope this upcoming season I can place in the top seven at state, win my district individually and shoot under 80 at every single meet,” senior Jude Elgert said.

In order to make it to state, the golfers will have to put in time. Junior Creek Kennedy does this by “getting out as much as possible, practicing outside of practice and hitting the range often.”

Besides getting out on the course, the golfers are also developing their mental game. 

“Another way that we will make it to state as a team is by all working together and pushing each other under any circumstance,” Jude said. 

Assistant coach Paula Elgert believes that the thing that sets Yutan apart from other schools is their willingness to work outside of practice. 

“We have a team that is showing growth already, and that has to do with their desire to want to be better,” Paula said. 

As each player sets goals and expectations for the upcoming season, taking state isn’t the only thing the golfers are looking forward to. 

“I’m looking forward to just tournaments and hanging out with the guys,“ Kennedy said. 

Edwards agreed, saying, “I’m looking forward to having fun and just hanging out with my friends.

Whether working towards achieving their goals or enjoying the time spent together, the team is looking forward to what the team brings. 

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what type of season this group can put together and what type of legacy they can leave on the program,” Teeter said.