Sisters by chance, teammates by choice

Sisters discuss bonds made playing volleyball together

If siblings were put on the same team, many people would expect them to fight all the time. But that’s not the case for two sets of sisters who play volleyball. 

Freshman Mylee and junior Maura Tichota pose for a photo after a win against West Point. Mylee and Maura both play middle and both start varsity. (Courtesy Photo)

Junior Maura Tichota and freshman Mylee Tichota are one pair of sisters who both play middle hitter on the court. They really enjoy being able to play with each other.

“It’s a lot of fun because we’re able to work together and, you know, you get to bond with your sister to make a stronger bond,” Mylee said. “And it’s really cool when we’re able to make a play together and we have the ability to make a play together.”

Junior Bella Tederman and sophomore Gabi Tederman feel the same way about playing with each other. Bella plays libero while Gabi is an outside hitter.

“I honestly love playing with Gabi,” Bella said. “We complement each other very well on the court, and we work to build each other up.”

Although both sets of sisters love playing with each other, their personalities make them different on the court. 

“We’re really alike personality-wise, but we definitely do still have some differences. I think Bella is competitive with other people,” Gabi said. “More than me, at least it shows up more than me. We’re both competitive with ourselves, but I am more competitive with myself.”

Sophomore Gabi and junior Bella Tederman stop for a photo before team pictures. This is Gabi and Bella’s second year playing high school volleyball together. (Courtesy Photo)

Having an older sister on the team helps the younger sisters by giving them someone they can look up to and someone they can always count on to be there.

“Maura is really good at helping people, like giving them pointers, and she peps people up to get the team excited because you know you’re always gonna have good morale on the team,” said Mylee. 

Gabi also points out how much of a positive influence her older sister is on the team.

“Bella is a leader on the court. She is helping everyone with their rotations constantly. She’s someone that you know that you’ll be able to ask if you need help,” said Gabi.

Both sets of sisters started playing volleyball at a really young age but didn’t get to play with each other until they got older.

“I started playing volleyball when I was in kindergarten, 12 years, I think so I grew up playing with Ellie and Maura,” Bella said.

The Tichotas and Tedermans have the same goal for this season, and that is making it to state. 

“I would like to make it to the district final game, and this time make it to state,” said Maura.