Experiences improve state FBLA outcome

Junior Bella Tederman holds her two second place trophies at state FBLA. Last year Tederman placed first in Introduction to Business and fifth in Journalism. “I’m hoping to continue my successes in FBLA during my senior year and maybe get to go to nationals in Orlando,” Tederman said.

Experiences matter, this was proven by the 13 members of the Yutan Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter. Last year most FBLA students didn’t know what to expect, but this year more students came together and did more work beforehand increasing the overall outcome at state.

“We definitely gained a lot of new members this year and definitely grew our program,” junior Ellie Lloyd said. 

The main part of the state FBLA is where participants take tests on different business-related subjects, there are 100 questions in an hour, and there are over 100 students who compete in each test.

Junior Bryce Kolc stands with his two, fifth-place certificates. This was Kolc’s first year attending state FBLA. “I want to work hard so that next year I can place better than this year,” Kolc said.

Yutan’s chapter had two members place on these tests.  Bella Tederman placed second in two individual tests—business communications and supply chain management—qualifying her for the national competition in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“It was both stressful and exciting to stand up on the stage and hear my name get called for second place,” junior Bella Tederman said.

Another member of the FBLA chapter, junior Bryce Kolc, placed 5th in two individual tests. One test was word processing and another was computer problem-solving. 

“I was excited when I received my awards because I didn’t know what to expect going to state FBLA, and I thought I did fairly well,” Kolc said. 

After their experiences at state and throughout the year, members of the FBLA team encourage others to join because of the benefits that come with joining. 

“I think FBLA helps you grow as a person,” junior Ellie Lloyd said. “It pushes you outside of your comfort zone in a good way.”