Cross country team runs down their goals

The 2022 Yutan cross country season has crossed the finish line, but not before the runners achieved many goals. 

“My main goal was to consistently improve and see what time I could get to by the end of the year,” senior Nolan Timm said. 

At the Fort Calhoun invitational, freshman Anna Rupp runs next to two other runners. Rupp has been on the cross-country team since she was in seventh grade. (Courtesy Photo)

Yutan was moved up to Class C-1 this year, so initially, Timm was expecting to place at the district meet, but with the change, that didn’t happen and Timm finished 23rd. However, he was still content with his performance.

“I felt like I ran really well and was close to my PR,” Timm said. 

On both the boys’ and girls’ teams, improvements were seen and goals were achieved. 

“From the beginning of the season, us girls really improved our PRs and had become a lot more competitive overall,“ sophomore Alexis Pehrson said. 

Despite not qualifying any runners for the state competition, there were still many good moments the team could look back on now that the season is over. 

“We got runner-up three times, which is more than usual,” senior Grayson Cogdill said.

Students also celebrated their own growth throughout the season.

“Anna (Rupp)… she always pushed to finish, she hated when she walked,” assistant coach Joel

After finishing her race, freshman Olivia Chapman high-fives coach Joel Carrillo. Carrillo has coached both cross country and track for the past two years. “What I really enjoy about cross country is the family bond we create from being so small,” said Carrillo. (Courtesy Photo)

 Carrillo said. “So I think that’s the biggest standout.” 

From beginning to end, freshman Rupp pushed to do her best. 

“I started at a time I didn’t want to start at, a time that I didn’t expect. It was worse than I thought it would be,“ Rupp said. “Then I gradually got better and got under my goal mark and I shortened my PR by two minutes at districts.”

Rupp and Carrillo both were happy with the team’s district performance because of the times that were improved. 

“We did well timewise. Everybody PRed, and so that was great. But place-wise, it was a tough one,” Carrillo said. 

Although Yutan was at a disadvantage, they powered through and enjoyed their time on the team this season.

“It’s always hard because, you know, we’re not the best school,” said Cogdill. “But it’s fun because we can still go out there and compete.”