Chieftains find ways to express themselves with homecoming dress-up days

The halls are filled with laughter and funny looks as students stroll down to their next class. A few girls whisper to each other in their bell bottoms and go-go boots. A seventh grader is in a complete Run DMC costume complete with a tracksuit, chain and bucket hat. It’s evident that it’s homecoming week again in Yutan, and the students are taking part in the annual dress-up days. 

A couple weeks before homecoming, the student council came together to decide the year’s dress-up days. 

“Every year I tell the students to go ask other students in the school what they would like to have [for dress-up days],” said student council sponsor Amy Arensberg. “Then [student council] gets together and votes on them.”

This year’s dress-up days consisted of Dress Like Someone Else Day on Monday, Twin Tuesday, Color Day on Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Spirit Day on Friday. 

To kick off the week with Dress Like Someone Else Day, senior Jett Arensberg decided to dress like a girl by wearing a form-fitting, short spaghetti-strap dress. 

“[The football team] voted and they said the pink [dress] was the best one,” said Jett Arensberg. “They thought it was hilarious, and so did I.”

For Twin Tuesday, a number of students paired up with a friend to showcase similar clothing and accessories to mimic being a twin. 

“[Libby and I] got unicorn pants, bigfoot slippers and Batman shirts,” said sophomore Jade Lewis. “I thought it was so cool, my best friend and I twinning together; normally we don’t because our styles are different.” 

During Wednesday’s Color Day, each grade was asked to wear a particular color and to wear as much of that color as they could, with freshmen’s color being blue this year. 

“[For color day] someone brought eye black [to school], and I told my friend that she could do anything on my face,” said freshman Jenna Trent. “That’s what she did; she just covered my face all in blue eye black.” 

On Throwback Thursday, students chose their fashion based on their favorite past decade. As a result, many different eras were represented on this day. 

“I was really excited when I found out that it was Throwback Thursday,” said sophomore Libby Winn, who wore aerobic wear complete with leg warmers. “It was probably my favorite outfit that I wore; I love the 80’s.”

The week ended with the same theme every homecoming week ends with, Spirit Day, where students and teachers showed their Chieftain pride by wearing Yutan gear and/or red, white and black. 

“For 21 years I’ve always double braided my hair and wore a headband; of course I added glitter to my face because I need glitter,” said Amy Arensberg. “I feel like if I didn’t, kids would notice.”

Student council members felt the overall choice of dress up days was successful this year. 

“We got a lot more participation than we have in years past because there were simpler themes,” said student body president Will Peterson. 

Other students agreed that the dress-up days filled the halls with fun and completed the homecoming experience. 

“I feel like that’s just the Chieftain way and our culture,” said Lewis. “We’re coming together as one school and bonding over it.”