Holoubek excited for first year


Derek Wacker

Band instructor Hunter Holoubek gives the junior high students some instructions before they begin playing. Holoubek directs the high school, junior high, 6th grade and 5th grade bands.

With teaching in his blood and a love for band, Hunter Holoubek accepted the band director position at Yutan for his first year of teaching.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher like my mom, and band was always the class that I loved most,” Holoubek said. “So I pursued that, and I really enjoy it.”

Holoubek chose to come to Yutan because he liked the community.

“I’ve been coming here a lot throughout my life. We’d go hunting just outside of Yutan, and we’d stop in town at the old cafe,” Holoubek said. “I’ve always really enjoyed the community and [it] is super close to home.”

After receiving the band director position at Yutan, Holoubek could not wait to begin.

“I was super excited to start my first teaching career and getting to run my own program and be in a great community like this,” Holoubek said.

Holoubek has enjoyed his time teaching since coming to Yutan, but it has not been without obstacles.

“It’s been challenging just being a first-year teacher and, you know, getting things all going,” Holoubek said. “I know that as the years go on, the start of the year will be easier and easier.”

For his first year of teaching, Holoubek has a goal for the band.

“I think my big goal for this year is to just establish a culture here of… who are we as a group,” Holoubek said.

Holoubek also has goals for the future.

“I’d really like in future years to, first of all, grow our numbers in our band,” Holoubek said. “I’d really love to do some traveling so like going to Worlds of Fun, going to Adventure Land, going to the state fair, do a lot more things that we haven’t been able to because of COVID and get that started back up.”

Overall, Holoubek is excited to be teaching in Yutan and for what is to come.

“So far, I really love the school,” Holoubek said. “I love the spirit. I love the program that we’re creating here.”