Why we love fall


Bella Tederman / Gabi Tederman / Laycee Josoff

Members of the state championship softball team celebrate their win with some fun in the fall leaves. Pictured from left to right are Molly Besch, Kylie King, Addi Smith, Andi Nelson, Adie Gale, Rylee Kirchmann, Delaney Shield, Alexis Polak, Kaiti Hansen, Taylor Novak, Alyssa Husing, Maycee Hays, Shaylynn Campbell, Ella Watts and Laycee Josoff.

When people think of fall, a few things might come to mind: brightly colored leaves covering the trees that shape the landscape into a painting; crisp, cool air as the first freeze comes around; the crunching of leaves underfoot. Many options for activities come with fall, including visiting a pumpkin patch, picking apples at an apple orchard or venturing through a haunted house. At home, there are different experiences people can enjoy, like the sight of a glowing jack-o-lantern, the aroma of a fall candle or the comfort of a pumpkin spice drink.

At school, the sky is darker and the air is cooler as athletes finish practice heading into the final part of the season. As fall sports come to a close, some bring success while others bring disappointment. Athletes might feel bittersweet about the end of the season but are excited about the upcoming winter sports or ready for a welcome break between them.

Spooky season also rolls around, bringing tricks and treats, costumes, decorations and scary movies. Shortly after Halloween comes a more somber, heartfelt holiday. Veteran’s Day introduces feelings of pride and thankfulness for past and present military members that later make way for Thanksgiving. The last stretch of fall is filled with turkey dinners and time spent with family and friends. 

Whether you most look forward to the activities, sports or holidays, this in-depth covers everything the Yutan High School students and staff are up to this fall season.