Deck the halls, but when?

When is the appropriate time to decorate for Christmas?  That’s the question for every family this time of year.  

Christmas decorating takes time, and it all depends on when families have the time to decorate.  According to a poll response from 64 Yutan students and teachers combined, most people say to wait until at least Thanksgiving or December, with 64 percent of people saying December was the appropriate time to decorate.  However, the majority of students and staff (48 percent) decorate during Thanksgiving break.  Others decorate before Thanksgiving (15 percent) and during December (33 percent). 

Personally, I’m part of the 15 percent who decorate before Thanksgiving.  I say to get it done as soon as possible.  Once it hits November, it’s good to decorate because Halloween is over.  In my house, we decorate before Thanksgiving, and so do all of my relatives.

  While decorating for Christmas, the most popular tradition among staff and students is listening to Christmas songs while decorating.  My family listens to Christmas music when we decorate for the holiday.  I know almost every Christmas song, and singing along to them while decorating reminds me of the best time of year.

The next most popular traditions were watching Christmas movies and family gatherings, though 26 percent of people said they did not have any Christmas decorating traditions.

The most popular Christmas decorations are of course the Christmas tree (100 percent of respondents), lights on the house (73 percent), wreaths (79 percent) and stockings (92 percent).  For me, the sight of the Christmas tree by the fireplace brings a warm feeling in the air.  Stockings are hung with care, and dads climb to the rooftops to hang the glowing lights.

Christmas, regardless of when or how, brings feelings that no other time of year brings.  Festive, happy, nostalgic and thankful were the most common descriptions from the survey.

“I enjoy Christmas decorating because it puts me in the Christmas spirit,” one sophomore said.

One staff member said they felt nostalgic while decorating.

We get Christmas ornaments on all of the trips we take together. It is fun to look back at all of the places we have been,” one staff member said.

After Christmas is over, it’s that sad time of the year to put festive decorations back in storage, but when is the time to do so?  According to the survey, most students and staff keep the holiday spirit going through the month of December.  Then comes New Year’s Eve (34 percent) and December 26 (6 percent) and the decorations start to come down.

In my house, we take down our decorations after January 6, since that day is the 12th day of Christmas.  Once all of our decorations come down and go into storage, I anxiously wait until next Christmas season when it’s time to decorate again.

Infographic by Brennan Jacobs