Egr finds creative ways to celebrate Christmas season


Courtesy Photo

Sophomore Oliver Egr stands next to Santa while holding his Buddy sign. Egr got to visit the North Pole with his parents, Susie and Darren Egr.

There are two things everyone at Yutan High School knows about sophomore Oliver Egr: one is that he is battling Batten’s Disease, and another is that he loves Christmas. Batten’s Disease affects Egr’s day-to-day life, but with the help of his paraprofessionals, he finds multiple ways to do extra at Christmas.

His paras, Lucas Brase and Holly Sutter, see all of the amazing qualities that Egr shows every day.

“He’s super creative and he just has a wonderful, huge heart,” Sutter said. “He always wants everybody to be on their best behavior, which of course is magnetized during the Christmas season.”

One of Egr’s creative ideas included something to help kids around his hometown.

Sophomore Oliver Egr shows off the mailbox he set up for neighborhood kids to drop off letters to Santa. Besides collecting letters, Egr has spread Christmas cheer by raising money to buy presents for kids in need. (Courtesy Photo)

“Ollie got a mailbox that he just started this year,” Sutter said. “Kids can drop off their letters and Ollie will get them to Santa.”

Not only does he help with letter delivery, but he also works to make toys. Egr gets right to work on creating and perfecting the toys during the school day.

“He always has beautiful ideas, and he always wants to create some amazing inventions,” Brase said. 

When Egr’s work is done, the gifts are ready for a big send-off.

“I give them to Santa Claus to give away,” Egr said.

Along with helping others, Egr also brings smiles to students and staff in the school with his Christmas spirit.

“Every time I see Ollie walking around in his elf costume, I just see people’s faces light up and how everyone starts to smile, which really uplifts everyone’s day,” senior Kendyl Egr said.