Past fashion trends make comeback

Freshmen Loganne Barta and Libby Winn pose for the camera in their favorite throwback outfits. The two girls enjoy wearing styles from multiple past decades. (Maycee Hays)

Fashion trends continue to change from decade to decade, some being drastic and others being partial. From tight-cropped tops with bell-bottoms from the ‘70s to “mom jeans” with loosely fit sweaters from the early 90s, Yutan High School is filled with a variety of styles that were first popular in the past decades. 

One student who found a passion for wearing trendy clothes from the ‘60s to the ‘90s is freshman Libby Winn.  After finding pictures of outfits her mother wore in high school, a different view of fashion came to her mind. “When I look at pictures from what my mom used to wear back in the ‘90s, I thought they were really cool, so I started liking them more and more,” Winn said.

As her interest in the past styles increased, she began to put together her favorite outfit.

“My favorite outfit was definitely the one day I wore a skirt with peace signs on it with a bunch of different patterns, a black shirt with my leather jacket, and then my gogo boots,” Winn said.

Wearing leather jackets and tight mini skirts isn’t the only look that students enjoy bringing back, though.  Junior Abby Keiser shows her love for being a country girl through the outfits she puts together.

“It’s different and not a lot of people do it,” Keiser said. “I’ve always been a country girl, and I like being able to express it in my clothing.” 

Junior Abby Kieser poses for a picture. Keiser shows her love for country through the outfits she wears. (Maycee Hays)

Keiser’s favorite outfits—old graphic t-shirts and denim flare jeans—were popular in the ‘70s, but she still loves this particular style.

“Wearing this style makes me feel more connected to what I enjoy in life,” Keiser said. 

Another senior, Hayley Witte, feels the same way about what she loves to wear.

“I enjoy wearing very different outfits I suppose; it’s very eccentric,” Hayley Witte said.

Witte’s favorite outfit to wear is her long-sleeved turtleneck with a short pleated skirt. 

“It makes me feel good and like I’m being myself, which is always nice,” Witte said.

In the end, wearing what students feel confident in is what matters most.

“I think it sets me apart from other people and fits me more as a person,” Witte said.