Comparing life before and after COVID

Drastic changes in the realities of YHS students and teachers

Bella Tederman

Between teachers and students, life for the members of Yutan High School has gone through many changes in the last year.

Kendyl Egr, a junior at Yutan High School, notices a difference between the reality of life now and a year ago.

“I would just say the main difference between a year ago to today is having to wear a mask everywhere you go,” Egr said.

Along with everyday life, playing on the basketball court has changed.

“It’s harder to be closer with your teammates because you don’t get to be near them,” Egr said. “Outside of school we’re not really supposed to be together.”

Having to see the seniors of 2021 go through their last year of high school with COVID guidelines also causes next year’s seniors to become a bit worried.

“I’m just hoping by my senior year everything will be back to the way it was and the whole mask thing is gone,” Egr said.

Fellow classmate Jesse Keiser misses being the voice of the student section at his friends’ basketball games.

“I miss being able to go to the basketball games with my friends and cheering on my classmates from the student section,” Keiser said.

Being quarantined doesn’t allow students to attend in-person learning at school, so joining several Zoom calls a day becomes a big part of students’ everyday schedules.

“Covid has affected me quite a bit considering that I’ve had to quarantine and learn from home, which was not very easy,” Keiser said.

I miss those so much because there is a sense of life when you’re celebrating the same thing as thousands of others.

— Laurie St. Patrick

Husker football games are a big event in Nebraska. English teacher Laurie St. Patrick explains how she misses having those fun times.

“I miss those so much because there is a sense of life when you’re celebrating the same thing as thousands of others,” St. Patrick said.

Having to possibly teach several students through Zoom and in-person learning is not as easy as it sounds.

“I never used to enjoy communicating via FaceTime.  Now we have Zoom, and now I despise both of them even more,” St. Patrick said.

Along with St. Patrick, science teacher Leslie Heise notices big changes in today’s reality.

“There are many differences between life now and life a year ago, but the ones that stick out the most are masks, Zoom meetings and pass lists,” Heise said. “I think each of these differences, while frustrating or difficult at times, have helped us stay in school and return to a more normal activity level compared to lockdown last March.”

Not only is Heise a high school teacher, but she also coaches her students on the court and outside on the track.

“My heart goes out to athletes and participants across the state and nation who missed the opportunity to compete in their spring sports and especially seniors of last year who did not get that last chance to shine,” Heise said.