Upcoming baseball season brings anticipation


Courtesy photo

Hayden Lewis is up to bat during the 2019 season. The 2020 season was canceled due to COVID, so Lewis is excited to take the field again.

With spring approaching, many are excited for the upcoming baseball season, including junior Hayden Lewis. 

Lewis plays center field for the high school baseball team, and he is ready for the season to begin.

I’m really looking forward to getting back on the field with my teammates,” Lewis said.

Lewis has been preparing with his brother during the off season by lifting weights and practicing hitting six to seven times a week. Lewis practices hitting before school and lifts weights after school.

“We want to play this game for a long time, so we take our training very seriously,” Lewis said.

There will still be challenges in this upcoming season including COVID and uncertain weather. 

“Hopefully all goes well and everyone stays healthy during the season so we don’t have to worry about any quarantining,” Lewis said. “The weather is also always tricky in the spring season.” 

Due to COVID, Lewis was unable to play last spring and is ready for this season. 

“I’m definitely really excited for this season considering we didn’t get to play at all last spring,” Lewis said.

Along with Lewis, Platte Valley baseball coach Shawn Emanuel is also excited for the upcoming baseball season.

Emanuel looks forward to coaching the players and building positive relationships with them. So far Emanuel plans to have 42 players on the team.

“I coach for the kids, it’s my favorite part of the job,” Emanuel said.

Games and practices will be different this year with COVID forcing the players to stay spread apart and wear masks. Masks will be worn during team gatherings, on bus rides, and in dugouts.

“We will have to take lots of precautions and do our part to ensure we are not spreading the virus,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel has several goals for the upcoming baseball season. Some of these include the players meeting the team standards of high character and relentless work ethic, improving all season, and having no off-field behavior issues.

Emanuel also thinks that baseball has several benefits, such as being part of a team and being held to higher standards.

“I truly believe our players become better humans because they are a part of the baseball program,” Emanuel said.