Upperclassmen reach personal records

Hard work and dedication are big factors in succeeding in sports. For these three upperclassmen athletes, big milestones were achieved during their 2020-21 seasons.

Brady Timm, a senior at Yutan High School, reached a 1,000 career points mile mark in basketball. 

“I never really thought about it until I was one point away,” Timm said. “It’s a very cool accomplishment that I didn’t really think about until I got it.”

Timm shares that there are many people who helped him achieve this goal, but two in particular stick out the most.

“My parents have always been there for me,” Timm said. “My mom’s always there to pick me back up when I’m down and my dad has pushed me through since I was young.”

Moving from the basketball court to the wrestling mat, senior Sean Henkel was awarded his 100th wrestling match win.

“When I was a freshman, I would look up to people who got the reward and think that it’s impossible,” Henkel said. “I was very proud of myself.”

This was a goal Sean had been working toward all of high school with big support and guidance.

“It has been a goal all throughout high school for me,” Henkel said. “My dad always cheers me on and has never missed a single meet.”

Earlier in the year, junior Heidi Krajicek reached 1,000 set assists during her 2020 volleyball season.

“I hadn’t really realized it was a goal until my junior year because I didn’t know how many assists I already had,” Krajicek said.

Similar to the two seniors, Krajicek’s biggest supporter is a member of the family.

“I would say my mom is my biggest supporter because she tries to make every game,” Krajicek said. 

For younger athletes wondering how they might be able to achieve their own goals, two of the athletes shared their advice.

“I would tell younger girls that are coming up to volleyball that you have to practice it because you’re not going to get it right away,” Krajicek said.

Timm agrees with the importance of practice and effort in sports.

“When you think you’re doing enough work, there’s always another level to it,” Timm said.