Review – Red Notice

Action-comedy film keeps viewers on their toes

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“Red Notice” has become Netflix’s most-watched movie within 28 days of its release, for a good reason. The film takes you on an exciting adventure with many obstacles along the way. Not only is it exciting, but it is also dry-humored.

With a run time of one hour and 55 minutes, “Red Notice” portrays Dwayne Johnson as John Hartley, a government profiler; Ryan Reynolds as Nolan Booth, an infamous art thief; and Gal Godet as the Bishop, a notorious criminal. 

The movie starts at a museum with famous artworks and artifacts displayed. John Hartley is trying to stop a heist planned to steal one of Cleopatra’s three priceless eggs. Instead of stopping the plan, however, Hartley joins the thief Nolan Booth in the quest to collect and sell all three eggs. Throughout the movie, the audience can see the bonds built between the two characters in their attempt to beat the Bishop to the eggs.  An unexpected plot twist comes at the very end, and it seemed as if it wouldn’t be resolved, but of course, the clever mind of a thief would find a way through.

Because of the plot twist, critics felt as if the actors were too talented for the plotline of “Red Notice” and found it boring for a film with such notable actors and such a large budget. Some also thought the backstories of the characters were typical and unoriginal.

Although critic reviews for “Red Notice” aren’t great, I found the movie very comical and exciting, as did many other viewers. I think during the movie, the audience gets a viewpoint they wouldn’t usually get. In some ways, it has a lighter tone because it is from a criminal’s point of view, so the stakes are lower.

I think the actors were also well-chosen for this movie. Ryan Reynolds’ humor and Dwayne Johnson’s constant and serious personality along with Gal Godet’s mysterious and cunning nature make a perfect trio.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, critics rated “Red Notice” at a surprisingly low 36 percent, while audience members rated it at a much higher 92 percent. 

Overall, I think the 92 percent is well deserved. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants something comedic and exciting to watch.