Seniors use internship to prepare for future careers

Senior Kylie King helps 1st grader Vance Torrey during class. This is King’s second internship of the year. (Anna Rupp)

This year, 11 seniors are getting a jump start on their future careers by participating in the second year of Yutan’s internship program.

These seniors do a variety of things during their internships such as working in classrooms, working in a hospital, driving around equipment and going out and watching a mentor sell houses.  It depends on what fields seniors are interested in going into after high school. Some are involved in health care, real estate, education and trades.

Buisness and careers teacher Clay Carlton says that internship has necessary skills.

 “Internship teaches many skills necessary to succeed in your future career,” says Carlton.

Seniors appreciate the opportunity they are given to do their internships and learn more about the work field.

“I wish I could do more internships because I love exploring the opportunities I’ll be given,” said senior Kylie King-Ennis.

King is currently completing an internship at Yutan Elementary working with the first graders and previously completed an internship at an insurance office. King started doing internships to experience what a career is like.

Senior Shaylynn Campbell walks down a hallway with a patient. Campbell spent her first internship at a hospital. (Courtesy Photo)

“I decided to do an internship because I thought it would be a great experience to get out in the work field before I graduate,” said King.

Senior Yair Salazar is doing an internship for the same reason.  “I thought it’d be a fun experience. Just to try it,” said Salazar. Salazar is currently interning for John Deere after interning at a shop in Fremont for semis.

“Yesterday I got to drive a tractor, and from my last internship, I got to change tires and grease the wheels,” said Salazar.

Senior Jude Elgert’s internship is with a real estate agent. During Elgert’s internship, he looks at houses with his mentor for potential customers, open house, renting house and much more.

“I get to go see the houses that he’s trying to sell and just getting hands on learning, “ says Elgert.    

Elgert started an internship with older friends telling him to try it out. 

“I had a few friends from last year that told me to do an internship,” said Elgert.

Elgert says that he enjoys the hands-on experiences  internship offers. 

“Hands-on learning is really nice instead of sitting in school and not learning too much useful stuff,” said Elgert.

Internship allows these seniors and other seniors at Yutan High to explore careers they might end up doing as a future career.

 “It also allows students to explore careers they think interest them,” said Carlton.