Dance inspires junior Schneider to grow


Courtesy Photo

Junior Alexa Schneider poses with her dance student Bridget McCormick-Baker. Schneider hopes to use her dance skills to teach in the future.

Many girls get involved in dance or gymnastics at a young age but do not stick with it. Junior Alexa Schneider is an exception to this trend, as she has been dancing for the past 13 years.

“When I was three, my mom just signed me up for dance, and here I am,” Schneider said.

Schneider dances at Dance Lab Omaha through Heartland Conservatory of Dance and participates in all types of dance.

“I do everything,” said Schneider. “Ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern and pointe. That is about it.”

Even though she does many different types of dance, her favorite is contemporary dance.

“I get to tell a story through my movements and express all of my feelings without talking,” said Schneider. “It’s flowy too, so it makes it fun and cool to do.”

Schneider dances all year long but from January to May competes in about seven or eight competitions during that time.

“We travel to the big cities in the surrounding states, like Kansas City and Des Moines,” said Schneider. “But then for Nationals, we usually go to someplace cool.”

Ten-year-old Schneider poses with the championship trophy her team won at the junior nationals competition in Branson. This was one of many awards Schneider has received throughout her dance career. (Courtesy Photo)

To prepare for big competitions like Nationals, Schneider spends most of her nights dancing.

“I have to dance pretty much every day from about 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.,” Schnieder said.

While it has been time-consuming, dance has led Schneider to many rewarding experiences.

“I have been in music videos and TV shows,” said Schneider. “We did one for a country band this past summer.”

Schneider has also experienced a lot of success with her team.

“Last season, my team went on a winning streak for every competition,” said Schneider. “Winning streaks are fun, and winning is cool.”

Schneider hopes all this success will turn into a future career.

“I plan to either be a choreographer or teach with my dance teacher now,” said Schneider. “Dance is definitely my passion, and I never want to lose it.”