Student opinion: Pros of participating in multiple sports

Sophomore Bryce Kolc runs at the Yutan cross country invite. Kolc also participates in wrestling and track. (Bella Tederman)

One of the many decisions high school athletes face is whether they specialize in one sport or participate in multiple sports. I believe that athletes should participate in multiple sports.

First, athletes who participate in multiple sports develop more varied athletic skills. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, many skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance and endurance are used in multiple sports, allowing you to apply and improve on them in a variety of ways. You also improve your social and leadership skills because you work with a variety of people.

Participating in multiple sports also helps you use and develop different muscles. Using different muscles decreases strain and helps prevent overuse injuries. According to USA Today, participating in multiple sports also allows injuries to heal rather than worsen.

Along with your physical health, participating in multiple sports can have an effect on your mental health. I like playing multiple sports such as cross country, wrestling and track throughout the year because of the sense that the season has a definite end, which pushes me to work harder because I have a limited time to compete and I want to make the most of it. When the sport comes around, I am more eager to participate than if I had an unlimited amount of time to compete. 

Being able to participate in multiple sports offers a change of pace when each sport begins. I like receiving a new environment with each sport and having the opportunity to participate with a variety of people. Experiencing a new environment changes things up and helps prevent me from burning out. I also like the opportunity to participate with friends who may not compete in all the same sports as me. 

  It is nice that Yutan is small enough that you have the ability to play multiple sports if you want, and I personally have taken the opportunity to participate in multiple sports. I like being able to play all of the sports I participate in and I would have a hard time if I had to pick just one. I encourage athletes to take the advantage of going to a small enough school, such as Yutan, to participate in multiple sports.