The last to leave the nest

Senior Janson Pilkington smiles with his siblings, Carson and Payton Pilkington, after a baseball game. Pilkington was the only one out of the three siblings to attend Yutan. (Courtesy Photo)

After graduation, it’s normal for seniors to move out of the house. For those seniors that are the youngest, this feels a little more monumental.
“It’s my parents’ last ride,” said senior Janson Pilkington, who is the youngest of two. “I’m trying to make it the best for them and make my family proud by graduating high school and getting an education.”

While many students think about the downsides of being the youngest sibling, there are also many benefits, one of which is having older siblings to look up to.
“I have gotten to look up to my brothers my whole life,” said senior Jude Elgert, who is the youngest of three. “Graduating last really shows the successes my brothers have pushed me to get.”
While many older siblings pushed their younger siblings to success, senior Trever Anderson, who is the youngest of four, looked back on his siblings’ graduations.
“I remember going to my oldest siblings’ graduations thinking nothing about it. I knew that I was so far from graduating,” said Anderson. “It was super sad to see them graduate and move out of the house and away for college. It finally hit me my sophomore year when I saw [my brother] graduate.”
As the students become closer to graduation, some have decided to follow in their siblings’ footsteps.
“I’m playing sports in college just like my brother did, so I’m excited to make memories like my brother,” said Pilkington.

At a golf meet, senior Jude Elgert poses for a picture with his two older brothers, Sam and Will Elgert. During Jude’s sophomore year, he and his senior brother played golf together. (Courtesy Photo)

Others have decided to go down a different path from their siblings.

“I plan on attending UNO for pre-med and becoming an anesthesiologist in the future,” Anderson said.

“None of my siblings have gone into the medical field. My brothers went into the business field while my sister became a teacher.”
With the seniors graduating and soon moving out, their families have many different emotions.
“My family is scared to be empty nesters but are excited to see where life takes me,” said Elgert.
Anderson’s family also has mixed emotions about their youngest graduating.
“I will be the last kid to move out of the house, which my parents are both happy and sad about,” said Anderson.
Despite their families’ mixed emotions, the students are thrilled to start their new path.
“I’m excited for the future and living on my own,” said Pilkington. “Also just continuing my wrestling and academic career.”