Yutan graduate earns scholarship after walking on as freshman

The town of Yutan had a glimpse last fall of graduate Colton Feist playing in a Husker football game.  Now he’ll be playing in uniform with a scholarship.  Feist received a football scholarship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Feist is a 6’2”, 280-pound defensive lineman for the Huskers.

His scholarship consists of tuition, books and food paid for.  There is also a $1,500  a month stipend to spend on things like rent.

Nebraska’s head football coach Scott Frost told Feist he was receiving a scholarship.

“He came up to me in the weight room one day and said I heard you got in trouble last night,” Feist said.  “I was kinda freaking out wondering what I possibly could have gotten in trouble for and then finally he said he was just joking.”

Feist said it took lots of hard work and dedication plus long hours in the weight room, on the field and in the classroom to earn the scholarship.

“It was a mix of everything and putting everything I had into everything I did,” Feist said.

Feist said he was excited when he found out about the scholarship and called his parents first.

“My whole family has just been supporting me throughout the whole process from walking on to where I am now,” Feist said.

Feist stated his teammates, coaches and family members have helped him out on his journey as a Husker.

“There’s just a bunch of great people down here and I get to be around them and the game of football every day, which is truly amazing,” Feist said.

Feist said his advice to high school students wanting to play in college would be to work hard every single day and to not expect it to be a breeze to just get by.

“Whether it’s NAIA, D3, D2 or D1, the experiences and lessons you will learn being a college athlete is something that can’t be taught to you,” Feist said.