Real estate internship offers endless possibilities


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Senior Jake Butler presents his vision board during his internship. The two seniors were tasked with creating a vision for the next four years of their lives as part of their real estate internship.

For the first time in Yutan history, an internship program is being offered to any seniors who want to explore different career fields. Two of these students are Jacob Butler and Christina Kerkman, who are both exploring real estate. 

“It has been an eye-opening experience for me and definitely has helped me decide that I at least want to do something in business for sure,” Kerkman said.

Both Butler and Kerkman chose real estate because of the endless possibilities.

“Some factors that made me interested in real estate is the variety of work,” said Butler. “I am not a big routine guy, so real estate is perfect for me because the sky is the limit for how successful you want to be.”

During first semester, students stayed in the classroom to prepare for the second semester.

“First semester was just a starting point where we learned how to be more professional and do things like send emails and make phone calls,” said Kerkman, “versus now where we’ve actually started to intern with our personal career choice.”

Both Kerkman and Butler leave school after the fifth period and spend the rest of their day shadowing Steve Minino and Robert Anthony of KW Elite.

“I love the career I chose,” said Butler. “I couldn’t have found a better person to shadow other than Steve Minino.”

“Most of the time we either spend time showing houses or learn the behind-the-scenes such as paperwork and mentality,” said Butler. “We go to new construction houses and inspect them for imperfections.”

Overall, this experience has been very successful for both students in helping them decide what they want to do someday.

“I would recommend all students to take advantage of this program,” said Butler. “Not all schools get this opportunity, so I am extremely grateful I get to experience it.”