Best nights of summer

Yutan’s students and staff attend over 15 concerts this summer

Seniors Ella Watts, Alyssa Husing, Kennedy Andrews and Alexa Schneider pose together at Stir Cove. The seniors got as close as they could during the concert. (Courtesy Photo)

Picking out the perfect outfit, waiting in line for hours, then screaming at the top of your lungs just arm’s length away from your favorite singer. These were some of Yutan High School’s student’s best nights this summer. Whether it was the last day of school or the night before school started, many students got in as many concerts as they could.

At the beginning of summer, seniors Ella Watts, Kennedy Andrews, Alexa Schneider and Alyssa Husing went to see country singer Jon Pardi at Stir Cove together. 

“It was like a party atmosphere,” Watts said. “It was very fun. Everybody was dancing and singing, but it was also very hot and sweaty.” 

While Watts enjoyed the energetic atmosphere of the dancing and singing, other students liked the experience with the artist. Senior Tristen Honke went to four different concerts this summer, but the smallest concert in Chicago was her favorite.

“It was a lot smaller [than other concerts I’ve gone to] and a lot more interactive with the crowd,” said Honke, who went to see pop singers Five Seconds of Summer. “I just enjoyed that kind of environment more where it feels more personal with the artist.” 

No matter the number of people at the concert, everyone said they had a great time no matter the circumstances. One of those was junior Libby Winn, who went to nine concerts this summer covering 90’s music to country.

Sophomore Libby Winn and her mom, Fallon Winn smile for the camera at the Joan Jett concert. The two went to multiple concerts together over the summer. (Courtesy Photo)

“It was pouring down rain the whole time,” Winn said of the Alanis Morissette concert. “My aunt had the bright idea to wear Birkenstocks. So she was at the hand dryer, drying her feet off with it.” 

Even though it rained the whole time, Winn said that the Alanis Morissette concert was still her favorite because of the atmosphere, though she had memorable moments at other concerts as well, such as the Third Eye Blind concert. 

“We got as close as we could,” Winn said, “everyone was screaming their hearts. There [were] so many people. I have a picture of me putting the camera up and taking a picture, and it’s just like full of people—all of Stir Cove.”

Yutan students weren’t the only ones enjoying concerts, though; several teachers also went to a concert or two, including technology teacher Amy Arensberg, who went to see rock singer Kid Rock. 

“I’ve been to probably 20 concerts in my life and it was like no other concert I had been to,” Arensberg said. “I have never had so much fun at a concert.”

Along with Arensberg having so much fun at the concert, Watts agreed saying that it really was one of the best nights of her summer.

“It was so much fun,” Watts said. “It really started off summer the right way.”