Student section brings intensity

Administration briefly allows student section at basketball games


Courtesy photo

Sophomore Drake Trent leads the student section in a cheer during a girls basketball game.

When thinking about the most important aspects of a basketball game, things like scoring, defense or rebounds might come to mind. But for many of the players, they say the student section plays an imperative role in the overall intensity of the game.

We are definitely more aggressive and play harder with the fans because they get us pumped up,” said sophomore girls basketball player Laycee Josoff. 

At the beginning of the 20-21 basketball season, there were only 4 family members per athlete permitted into the games. Therefore, no students were allowed. Near the end of January, COVID cases lessened, allowing students in once again.

Head boys basketball coach Jesse Gardner agrees with Josoff. He says having a student section improves players’ intensity but is not sure if it affects the players’ game.

“The environment has changed quite a bit with the student section,” Gardner said. “I’m not sure if it changes the way the players play or not.”

When Gardner heard the administration was going to allow there to be a student section to attend, he was excited to see a normal game again. 

“I was excited for our kids to experience some normalcy,” Gardner said. “It brought some life and excitement back to the games.” 

Along with Gardner, Josoff and her team were also excited to see the student section back.

“Our team was definitely happy for the restriction to ease up and see the new people at games,” Josoff said.

To determine the rules, the administration meets and discusses the number of cases throughout the school.

Our admin team meets and we talk with our health department and go off of what they recommend,” athletic director Justin Petersen said.

Unfortunately, the student section did not last long due to the fact that there was an outbreak in the school at the beginning of February. Because of the outbreak, the rules got stricter than they previously were and students were no longer allowed.

Garner wasn’t worried about not having a student section; however, Josoff was.

“I was definitely worried,” Josoff said. “For some that is the only reason they play the game.”

In the end, both the boys and girls teams had to finish the season with no student fans. Even though it was short, however, they still had a huge impact on the players.

“The students gave the game energy and can help with the momentum, especially at home games,” said Gardner.