Freeman finds familiar environment in new school


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Nealy Freeman reads “The Fall of the House of Usher” to eighth graders. Freeman teaches eighth grade, freshmen, and senior English.

English teacher Nealy Freeman might be new to Yutan this year, but she is not new to teaching.

Freeman previously taught at Conestoga for five years and chose Yutan because she was interested in teaching at a similar school.

“I was moving into the area and I wanted something like a school environment that I was familiar with,” Freeman said. “And this job opened up.”

Freeman has noticed that Conestoga and Yutan have much in common.

“The population of students is really similar,” Freeman said. “Both schools have really good kids.”

Even though they are similar, there are still differences between the two schools.

“The way that every school is run is always different,” Freeman said.

I like the school spirit that Yutan has

— Nealy Freeman

This year, Freeman has had to teach more classes, which can present challenges.

“[I am] teaching two new classes this year,” Freeman said. “I’m constantly having to create new curriculum for them.”

Within all her classes, Freeman has goals to prepare her students for the future and teach them the necessary skills.

“My senior English kids, I want to prep them for college or a career,” Freeman said. “My eighth graders I (want to) get ready for freshman English…My ninth graders, I am teaching them a lot of writing skills.”

So far, Freeman has had a positive experience at Yutan. 

“I like the school spirit that Yutan has,” Freeman said. “The kids are good, and I like the classes that I teach.”